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News & Updates

Trade Name: Kanker Palace Heritage & KP Cottages

Kanker Dussehra : 8 October 2019

Bastar Dussehra: 9 October 2019

Bastar Dussehra: 6 to 9 October 2019
(Main Highlights)

Chanwar Madai: 13 October 2018

Kanker Madai: 5 January 2020

Govindpur Madai: 10 January 2020

Rajim Kumbh Mela: 9 February to 21 February 2020

Bastar Madai: 13 February 2020

Kosagunda Madai: 14 February 2020

Gobrahin Mela: 21 February 2020

Tiratahgarh: 21 February 2020

About Us

Our project has been conceived to touch this moment.

Built in the first quarter of the last century, and rebuilt and set in a garden in 1937, Kanker Palace was earlier known as Radhanivas Bagicha. The residence of the British Agent during the Raj, it is now lived in by the Royal family. With its Colonial style architecture, the Palace is stately, elegant, and has an old world charm and ambience. 5Rooms in the Right Wing of the Palace, 2 in the Aannexe and 4 in the Cottages outside have been developed to host Guests. These have modern facilities, including Western style baths and toilets. On the whole, however, our attempt is to retain the earthy flavor of the region.

We have a set of itineraries for our tour of Kanker and Bastar. We organize tours in the tribal villages, forests, we also do boating safaris, angling in the most secluded part of rivers and back waters, jeep safaris to the wild life centuries and villages and much more. Modifications can be made to suit specific preferences. We could also design special packages on request.

Our policy, as far as possible, is to open a humane and sensitive window into the life of this region and its peoples, without disturbing it. Looking forward to host you and show you our part of the region.

KP Cottages

KP Cottages

Contact Us

The Kankar Palace
P.O. & District : Kanker, Chhattishgarh-494233 INDIA
Phone : +91-7868-222005
Telefax : +91-7868-224238
Mobile : +91-94252-26506, 94252-59129
E-Mail : kankerpalaceheritage@gmail.com