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News & Updates

Trade Name: Kanker Palace Heritage & KP Cottages

Kanker Palace Heritage will be closed on account of the Covid 19 pandemic until further notice.

In these grim times, when we are battling this pandemic, we remember with fondness and gratitude all our friends, visitors and guests from across the world, and pray for their good health and well-being.

We hope that these difficult days will pass soon and we will meet again in better times to continue our journey of offering the best of our culture and heritage to the world.

Stay safe and take care.

KP Cottages

K P Cottages offers a set of peaceful, spacious, clean and modern rooms in a large compound with lawns and ample greenary. It is located in the middle of the Kanker town on NH 30 and is attached to the Kanker Palace Heritage property. It has affordable tariff and a kitchen that provides delicious, home-cooked local as well as international food. It is an ideal destination for business and service people who want a quiet, short time out from Raipur but do not wish to travel far.